Keeping ICT Equipment in Schools Up-to-Date


ICT technology is marked by rapid changes. In order to keep up with the changes and offer meaningful, relevant and interesting computer science courses, ICT equipment must continuously be upgraded.

Challenges with Upgrading ICT Equipment in Schools

Limited resources are the greatest challenge for most schools in upgrading their ICT equipment. Purchase and maintenance of a large amount of computers requires a major investment, while new technologies are quite expensive. The prices always fall after a certain period of time but considering that the main goal of computer sciences programmes is to “produce” students who are desirable by employers, waiting for the prices to drop obviously is not an option.

Teachers’ digital literacy is the second challenge in keeping ICT equipment in schools up-to-date. Most teachers keep up with the changes and development in computer sciences and provide their students with up-to-date information and training. Some, however, are having difficulties keeping up with the changes and may be reluctant to use new equipment.

Overcoming the Challenges in Upgrading ICT Equipment

Different schools use different methods to overcome the issues with resources and inadequate digital literacy of their teachers. Some of the most commonly used methods include: