ICT and Teachers


The National Curriculum for ICT Study can be carried out successfully only if the teachers successfully utilise ICT technology to transfer their knowledge to their pupils. ICT has therefore become an integral part of teacher education because the teachers must know how to use ICT technology in their classrooms and enable their pupils to take advantage of ICT technology.

Teachers Lagging Behind their Students

The traditional teaching methods no longer provide the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world. ICT technology has opened a wide range of opportunities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. But for those who do not know how to utilise the tools and technology, it poses a challenge or even an obstacle. The research shows that teachers mostly embraced ICT technology and incorporate it effectively in teaching the subject matter. But the research also reveals that the students often know more about ICT and its applications than their teachers.

Polarisation in ICT Use

Experts welcomed the new Curriculum for ICT Study that gives the teachers more freedom in ICT use. But many also expressed concern about polarisation between the teachers without an official guidance. On the one hand, the teachers that already successfully incorporated ICT in their classrooms are given the opportunity to further improve the outcome in terms of both teaching the subject matter and ICT skills. But on the other hand, teachers who were unable to enrich the learning experience by using ICT may lag behind even more.

Helping Teachers in Embracing ICT Technology

The research of ICT use in the UK’s schools reveals that the majority of teachers embraced ICT technology and that only a small minority is reluctant to use ICT in their classrooms. But the research also shows that the incorporation of ICT technology into classrooms has proved to be more difficult than expected. On the one hand, the schools are having problems ensuring the necessary funds for ICT equipment and on the other, the teachers either do not have adequate training or understanding on how to incorporate ICT in their classrooms and effectively teach the subject matter at the same time.

The gap between the UK’s schools and teachers in ICT use can be reduced only if every teacher has the necessary skills to utilise ICT technology, seo and tools. In order to achieve this, schools should invest more time and resources into improving teachers’ education and training. The government, on the other hand, should set standards for quality in teacher education which in turn would provide a higher level of consistency.