A Guide for Schools in Choosing ICT Suppliers


Choosing an ICT supplier is not an easy job because the purchase price does not necessarily show the whole picture. The chosen equipment must meet the school’s specific needs which should be determined in advance. But it also must meet the set budget in the long term. The purchase price is of course highly important because most schools have a limited budget. But even more important is to make sure that there are no hidden costs such as expensive technical support, licenses or teacher training, to mention only a few.

Large Firms Vs Small ICT Suppliers

Basically, schools can choose between two types of ICT suppliers. The first option are established brands with a year-long reputation and small, less known providers. These usually have a slightly higher purchase price but since they usually use more personalised approach and are more flexible in terms of specific requirements, support and updates, they are often more cost-efficient in the long term. This does not necessarily mean that large firms are not a good choice but whether the chosen ICT supplier will deliver what the school needs depends greatly on whether they understand the school’s specific needs and whether they are prepared to work with the school in finding a lasting and cost-efficient solution.

Tips on Selecting the Right ICT Supplier

In order to make a good choice when deciding between different ICT suppliers, it is a good idea to pay attention to the following factors: